Martin Hiriart
Martin HiriartManaging Partner
Martin is a warlock sworn to the patron of security and automation. Throughout his many adventures, he has leveraged his powers to empower small businesses, streamlining their operations and fortifying their defenses. Having Martin in your party bestows each party member with a +2 boost to Dexterity and a +3 bonus to Intelligence.

He currently lives in Princeton, TX.

Samuel van Dalen
Samuel van DalenManaging Partner
Sam is an artificer with the cybersecurity engineering subclass. He has an adventuring record spanning everything from small businesses to Fortune 200 corporations. Sam uses his experience to help businesses by crafting tailored, proactive cybersecurity solutions. Recruiting Sam to your party will grant each party member a +3 bonus to perception, and can use his special ability “Try restarting it” once per long rest.

He currently lives in Jacksonville, FL.