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Business Security doesn’t just mean having an antivirus on your machine

Over 43% of all cyber attacks are launched against small and medium businesses. These attacks come from many angles, such as phishing emails, vulnerability exploitations, and even trusted third parties. Your business needs to be prepared to respond.


Of small businesses that have been hacked in the past fall victim more than once.

The average cost of each successful cyber attack on a small business is


Without taking into account the erosion of reputation and trust.

We believe many businesses face the same issue:

While they understand the importance of security, navigating the labyrinth of the cybersecurity world can be overwhelming.

Complex technical jargon, ever-evolving threats, and the high cost of building an in-house security team leave many businesses feeling lost and unsure where to begin. This lack of understanding creates a critical vulnerability, leaving them exposed to costly attacks and data breaches.

This is where we step in.

Check out some of our services:

Managed Security Services

Starts at $75 per user

With our Managed Security Services, you can focus on what matters most – running your business – while we ensure your valuable data and operations remain secure.

Security Posture Assessment

Starts at $1000

We conduct a comprehensive security audit, allowing you to gain visibility into your current security posture, and how it can be improved.

Remote Ready Transformation

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We assess your business needs and make remote work a secure, practical option. Empower your employees, boost productivity, and embrace the future of work.

Human Risk Management Platform

Starts at $7 per user

Our human risk management platform includes all the tools. systems, and content needed to educate and transform your team into a cyber-aware workforce.

Do you have a unique need that doesn’t quite fit into our other plans? We can customize our cybersecurity and IT solutions to find something that fits your business needs perfectly. Let’s work together to find the perfect solution to better secure your business!